Why should my child learn to swim?

As much as we do not usually have swimming pools in our Singapore homes like the people in the west do, your child would still be put at the risk of drowning in public pools or the seaside if they have never learnt how to swim. There were many reports of children drowning in the water even under the close supervision of adults as the signs of drowning can sometimes be very quiet, unlike what is seen on the television where people wave their hands and call for help. Your child should learn to swim in Singapore, as this is the best and most effective method to prevent drowning, where toddlers starting from the age of 12 months could be taught to float and swim.

Other benefits of learning to swim

It is of course sometimes rather unconvincing to just learn to swim just because parents are afraid that their child might drown, many parents could just say, we shall not go to dangerous places where the large pools of water will be! So here are the few (in fact, many!) other reasons why learning to swim in Singapore will do good to your child.

1. Swimming causes less injuries

Worried that your child might trip and fall or get a sprain from running on the ground? You will never get all these when you are exercising in the waters! Your muscles can be injured though, if you overwork your body in the waters, but the probability of an injury happening is still much less than on the land exercises. When you have that strain in the leg muscle or the sprain in that ankle of yours, you can still have a relaxing swim in the waters without further hurting it.

2. It is a great exercise to work out different muscle groups

Swimming is a low-impact exercise. This is because our bodies are 90 percent buoyant in the water and in return we spend less energy trying to support our own weight and more effort can be put into making our muscles work (in short, exercise).  The four different kinds of swim strokes target different muscle groups of our body and will offer an overall toning effect when done with the right intensity and amount of swimming.

Anyone should learn to swim in Singapore, not just kids, but teenagers and adults too! It is never too late to learn to swim as it is a skill that will stick to you forever.


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