Why you should make swimming a habit and how to start with

If keeping fit and healthy has been one of the resolutions in your life, you should start exercising and having a healthy lifestyle. So which sports or game is best to start with? We suggest you go for swimming as it is not only an exercise that keeps you fit, but a life skill that could save your life or others’ during an emergency.

Why is swimming a great exercising choice? 

Unlike other vigorous exercises such as football and badminton that might have significant impact to your body, swimming is low impact exercise that does not put stress to your joints and bones. Done in the water, swimming is a gentle exercise to stretch your muscles and joints while keeping you fit and healthy. 

Moreover, swimming exercises your entire body as compared to sports done on the ‘land’. It is nearly impossible to swim without the coordination of both your upper and lower part of the body; hence swimming is a total-body workout. While other games such as jogging, running and playing football that focus much on the lower part of your body, swimming uses the muscles of your legs, arms, buttocks, shoulders, thighs simultaneously. Swimming is also a great way to burn fats! It could even burn more calories than you do from running and cycling!

Swimming is never a bored exercise because there are several variations and strokes for you to learn and work out! If you are bored with cycling that involves only the two wheels, you will never feel that in swimming! There are the different strokes for you to learn and practise - the freestyle stroke, the butterfly stroke, the backstroke, the breaststroke and the elementary backstroke. 

Where is best to start with? Which is the best learn to swim school in Singapore?

Once you have made up your mind to go with swimming, make a schedule and stick to it. Make swimming a habit and ensure you treat this activity as important as your other daily activity. You can invite your friends so that you have accompaniment and more motivation to stick to this sport for a longer period of time. Otherwise, find a best learn to swim school in Singapore and get professional swimming instructions from the instructor. Once you have signed up for a swimming lesson and paid for the fee, I believe swimming will be your weekly to-do activity in no time.

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