A methodical approach

One of the way we differ from other programme is the level of care and attention we impart towards all our learners. We have developed an unique style of teaching that cater to the learner level of skills as well as specific need and interest. Our learner will get the most from our progressive programme which is to nurture the confidence require.

We design our programme to ensure that there is alway something for everyone! whether you or your child are already taking classes and want to develop the techniques and skills further, or are new to swimming and looking for a fun way to learn or get fit, we have the class.

Please select the following most appropriate class to join us;


FUN! FUN! FUN! For children who has no prior swimming lesson. Water adaptation and Elementary aquatic skills will be taught.
Status Day Time Venue Registration
NewTuesday7PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
NewThursday7PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
NewSaturday11AMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
NewSaturday2PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
NewSaturday3PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
NewSunday8AMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
NewSunday11AMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
NewSunday2PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
NewSunday3PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister

Smart Junior

Can swim for at least 10 metres in any stroke OR acheived SwimSafer Stage 1.
Status Day Time Venue Registration
ExistingSaturday10AMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
ExistingSunday10AMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister

Smart High

Achieved SwimSafer stage 2 or 3.
Status Day Time Venue Registration
ExistingSaturday5PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister

Smart Advance

Achieved SwimSafer stage 4 or 5.
Status Day Time Venue Registration
ExistingSaturday8AMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
ExistingSaturday9AMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
ExistingSunday5PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister

Smart Elite

Achieved SwimSafer Stage 6 OR able to swim 400 metres in any 3 of the 4 recognised strokes. Elite class will be coached and challenge to achieve the prestigious Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards.
Status Day Time Venue Registration
ExistingSaturday4PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
ExistingSunday9AMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister


Looking for fun way to get fit, new to swimming or want to improve your proficiency.
Status Day Time Venue Registration
NewTuesday8PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
NewThursday8PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
NewSaturday6PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister
ExistingSunday6PMChoa Chu Kang SRCRegister

No class that suit you? Do not worry, we can customise your prefer schedule for your convenience. Please <CONTACT> us, we will get back to you very soon.

SWIMMAX reserve the right to cancel or merge if the Group class size is less than 4.

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