What’s the Best Age for a Child to Learn Swimming?

Swimming is more than a sports – It is also a vital life skill that saves lives of one self or others. Although children might not have the chance to swim often, it is still essential for them to learn to swim Singapore, so that they could protect themselves from unpredictable water hazards. As children have a higher learning ability when they are still young, what is the best age for a child to learn to swim?

In fact, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, nor ‘best’ or ‘worst’ answer to the question – There is no single formula that applies to every kid when it comes to the best age to learn swimming. However, below is some advice for parents with children of various age.

For parents with babies of six months to two year-old

There are swimming centres that offer aquatic classes for babies and toddlers. Aiming to familiarise your child with water through gentle movements, trained professionals teach your kids bubble blowing, water entry and exit, kicking and bfloating. They do not teach your babies to swim but improve their water confidence and mobility. Do expect to get basic water safety lessons for parents and kids at these basic swimming classes.

Children aged three years and older can learn to swim better

Swimming lessons are generally offered to children aged 3 years or above, as they have the ability to sit still and follow basic instructions. As they grow older and more disciplined, you can send them to swimming classes that are held more frequent – Twice or even thrice per week. Children between three to five year old are at best age to build swimming foundation skills and learn to coordinate between arms and legs during swimming.

Ensure your child’s safety while he or she is learning to swim

Even though you have sent your children or kids to swimming schools, this does not mean that they are always safe in the water. Parents should set appropriate rules to ensure their kids’ safety. Adults who know how to swim should always keep an eye on the children. Bear in mind that sending kids to learn how to swim does not substitute with adults’ supervision.  

In short, there is no a best age to send children to learn swimming. If you think your child has swimming readiness both mentally and physically, there is no harm equipping them with a life skill at a young age. However, it is imperative to ensure their safety at all times.


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