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Everyone knows that swimming helps us to improve and maintain heart rate, blood circulation and a healthy weight. Swimming also has little unknown benefits than other forms of exercise. It encompasses muscle toning, breathing control like in meditative qualities. With so many peripheral benefits in one exercise, undeniable it is a holistic workout.

As water bouyancy can support our our body, those with injuries, suffering from obesity or at an advanced age can easily swim for a longer period of time without stressing their joints and muscles and thus help us to work more on our cardio and enable us to tone every part of of our body which is much like working out in the gym.

Studies also show that swimming regularly can improve breathing problem such as asthma, even up to year after they stop swimming. For those who do not have breathing problem, swimming can increase your lung volume and force you to learn proper breathing techniques.

Beside health and fitness, swimming help to lay a good fondation of aquatic skills which can lead to developing and appreciating aquatic activities such as Snorkelling and Scuba diving lifelong.

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